Has anyone ever heard or had any reviews on pulverexx protocol? Its supposed to sustain dissolve gallstones in th? Has anyone ever heard or have any reviews on pulverexx protocol? Its supposed to

Has anyone ever heard or had any reviews on pulverexx protocol? Its supposed to aid dissolve gallstones in the galblatter and im having trouble finding reviews on google. So if someone could sustain me out that would be awesome! Thanks!
Answers:    Yes, I own tried it. My doctor took scans and gallstones showed up. He recommended the typical gallbladder surgery. There was no method I was going to cut off a adjectives organ out of my body. I decided to take responsibility for my own body and not make tracks it to a doctor that had an incentive to make an glib $12,000 from me. Especially when I found out he really knew absolutely nought about the functioning of the gallbladder. When I asked him where be bile produced, he told me the gallbladder. What an idiot. Its the liver, DUH. So I decided to look elsewhere. I found about the Pulverexx within a forum, and it looked promising so I tried it. After two protocols my scans show I am stone free. All I can say is lift responsibility for your own health. Do not let doctors or anyone else make clear to you what to do. I am not saying to take it. I am aphorism do your own research about your problem, and take the compulsory steps to follow through with what ever you decide is best for you.
No - never heard of that - but Atkins within his book "Vita-Nutrient Solution" mentions using Taurine for this purpose. Not sure of the dosage - but probably 4 or 5 grams a day. One of the many functions of Taurine is to save the old cholesterol liquified in the gallbladder thus preventing brio stone.

Taurine is just a cheap amino acid - we get it in our own bodies, but of course we be paid less as we get elder. It's worth a try at the price - and no side effects.
The guy above is not telling you the truth. There are ways to get rid of stones beside out surgery. I am one of those people. My before and after scan prove that the calcified stones were gone. I followed Andres Mortis protocol. As far as I know Pulverexx Works. My friend who was something like to have gallbladder surgery used it and it avoided the surgery. She was have severe Gallbladder attacks. It actually helped break apart the stones and afterwards pass them through.

As far as Insurances and Doctors. It is obvious. If allopathic tablets claims "THERE IS NO CURE" because there is too much money to be made, then insurance companies own no other choice but to believe what the medical establishment tells them.

FDA approval costs millions of dollars. Chemical medicine can be patented and sold at huge put pen to paper ups, natural products cannot. Therefore no one company is ready or able to afford FDA approval for a natural product. If they be to spend millions getting FDA approval for a single product and then publish press releases, they would have to simply write sour the amount spent as it would give rise to copy cat competition that would copy the product line and undercut prices. Some would utter that the phenomenal profits made from patented chemical medicines that require constant lifelong use, is the reason why pharmaceutical companies focus just on chemicals whilst ignoring the wisdom and prowess of spirit. Most Natural products are manufactured in accordance with FDA guidelines within labs that are overseen by the FDA. Most are free from side effects.

Goto: city-data forum. Link is at the source to let you see that gallbladder surgery is not all specifically cracked up to be. Huge amounts of people continue to own the same gallbladder symptoms after their gall bladder is removed.
No, you cannot flush gallstones at adjectives. Those are ingredients for a salad dressing.

If it were that easy, don't you believe that American insurance companies would force patients to use that inexpensive cure instead of going through costly medical surgery? Guess what: within are no peer-reviewed medical studies to show the efficacy of gallstone flushing. It doesn't work!

Cholecystectomy and ERCP are the only cures for gallstones. They are relatively safe and influential where called for. Some associates can survive their entire lives with gallstones. It all depends upon your individual situation and diet.

See a authentic medical professional for proper advice.

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