Can you get high/"messed up" if you snort Latuda (anti-depressent)? weird question to ask, i know. but i hear one of my aquantances was

weird ask to ask, i know.
but i heard one of my aquantances was going to try doing it, but i never hear the actual outcome or effect after hearing it. I was newly curious, since i was thinking about it today. I am a recovering herion user with some proud clean time who's spent plenty of my morning snorting, & even shooting a couple of times before I came to my senses into going into retrieval.

I just am looking for any response to any knowledge to my sound out, ive never tried of thought about railing any kind of anti-deppressent. I simply want to get an idea, or some perspective, experience, etc. of if it gives off some characteristics of high at all, so I can stop wondering within my head about what probably happen to them if they chose to do it or not. haha i always am thinking about everything!
Answers:    don't do that.... sure, you might get high. but you're recovering from heroin, no necessitate to get into something else.
Yes, most likely because it's just similar to if you snort anything else. You might not get high but it is probably really unpromising for you.

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